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France is ready to welcome the Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup finals will open for the first time in France. More than 500 female players from 24 teams representing 5 continents around the world will compete together on the field in 9 major cities.

That used to be hosts of the 1998 Men’s World Cup. 10 million spectators came to the field to watch 52 matches of the 8th Women’s World Championship.

Sports magazine invites you to take a moment back to the history of the big women’s festival. If the men’s World Cup was held for the first time in Uruguay in 1930, when there were only 13 participating teams.

Then it would have to wait until 1991, the final round of the new women’s world tournament born. It was the first World Cup held in China and the American girls were the winners.

American female player Michelle Ankers was the first to win the Golden Boot title, for the player to score the most goals in the World Cup. Her teammate, Carin Jennings, also won the Player of the Year award.

Since 1991, women’s football villages and fans around the world have gone through 7 World Cups. Like the men’s tournament, the Women’s World Cup takes place every four years.

The female ball has continuously developed so that the final round has been held with 24 participating teams. That is twice the number of the first World Cup.

Starting from the 2015 World Cup, women’s football has become popular and the level of female players has improved significantly. FIFA decided to expand the tournament scale from 16 teams to 24 teams participating in the final round.

Though not as fervently watched as men’s football. The material or image treatment between a female and a male player is also a huge gap. Not so that women’s football is slow to develop.

Women’s football today is an increasingly popular game among women on all continents. From football traditions to Muslim countries. Women’s football has also produced big names with increasing expertise.