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Alex Morgan – Challenge yourself even during pregnancy

The defending World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist announced she was pregnant. And not only that, she is aiming to attend the Olympics just a few weeks after birth, many people consider it too extravagant.

At the age of 22, she joined the United States for the World Cup, being the youngest on the list. Nearly 10 years she has passed, now Morgan has become a seasoned veteran with more than 100 international goals.

She won the World Cup twice and won an Olympic gold medal once. Morgan’s face is recognized on nearly every sports media in America.

Alex Morgan did everything he could to prepare for before falling into labor in April. But more importantly, she vowed to work hard to regain her best condition and spirit and would attend the scheduled Tokyo Olympics.

One thing that the Covid-19 epidemic has changed little by little, it will immediately postpone Morgan’s plan in 2021. Glamor and Morgan first met in Los Angeles in February, it is not difficult to realize that the belly is 32 weeks pregnant.

However, everything at that time was still in a limbo state. Her husband is also a professional player in negotiations with the new club. But on 24th of last month, the International Olympic Committee announced that due to the effects of the corona virus, the tournament will be moved to 2021.

A few days earlier, the US Olympic Committee also asked the athletes to self-assess the possibility of not attending. Morgan maintains a training plan until the seventh month of her pregnancy. That’s including training sessions on the training ground, push-ups, Spin classes, and her jogging.

The public is very interested in Morgan’s practice. Many comments criticized her for being too greedy for the gold medal that there were many trade-offs.

The greatest female boxing fighters of all time

Throughout history, there have been a number of great boxing legends who have devoted inspirational performances on the ring. Women’s boxing is an amazing sport full of action and excitement. Boxing fans definitely cannot forget these great female boxers.

While boxing is often considered a men’s sport, not many realize that women have also played a prominent role in boxing history. Lucia Rijker was once known as the World’s Most Dangerous Boxing Woman, a worldwide media nickname for her.

She is a former kickboxing fighter from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After practicing martial arts at the age of six, Rijker began his professional boxing career in 1996.

Rijker has had a hugely successful boxing career with 17 wins in over a decade of excellence. Of her 17 wins, 14 are equal to KO. Rijker is a world champion in many weight classes, winning the WIBF World Super Light and the Semi-Mid-Range WIBO Junior title.

At 36 years old, Braekhus is still very strong. Most recently, she defeated Kali Reis at StubHub Center in Carson, California to successfully defend her title.

Undefeated in 33 matches, she is the first female boxer in history to hold all the titles in boxing. She is also one of four boxers in history who have made this difference, alongside Bernard Hopkins, Jermain Taylor and Terence Crawford. Laila Ali is the daughter of the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali.

After finishing her boxing career, Laila became a TV personality and celebrity, appearing in various shows. Such as Dancing With the Stars, American Gladiators, The New Celebrity Apprentice.

Regina Halmich is a former boxing and kickboxing fighter from Karlsruhe, West Germany. Many experts believe that Halmich is one of the most successful female boxers ever to wear competitive gloves. Ann Wolfe is considered to be the best female boxer of all time.

That’s as well as the one with the strongest knockout punches in women’s boxing history. Playing from mid 1998 to 2006, Wolfe had a record of 24 wins and 1 loss, including 16 wins by KO.

She won the IBA Heavyweight Championship title in 2004. And she holds a total of three world titles in three other weight classes at the same time.