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Serbian women’s volleyball was crowned world champion

The Serbian women’s team defeated their Italian opponent 3-2 in the final of the World Volleyball Championship held in Yokohama (Japan). It is the first time in history they won the championship.

Serbian athlete Tijana Boskovic also received the MVP title for “best player in the tournament” when she scored 26 points in the final. Boskovic was deeply moved when telling the press that it was a “very long journey” and that they have successfully made history.

” We played as a team of solidarity and mutual support. each other in the most difficult moments”, Ms. Boskovic said. The Boskovic woman of Serbia received the title of the most comprehensive athlete in the tournament. In total, the 21-year-old girl got 193 points, of which 176 points came from smashes, 11 successful blocks and 6 shots.

This victory marked the rise of Serbian volleyball and dispelled the sadness of their defeat in the final of the Rio Olympic Games. The Chinese team continued to disappoint when only won the bronze medal. Previously have won 3 championships and twice run the tournament.

The women’s volleyball tournament in the world championship has officially ended in Japan with a tense match between Serbia and Italy. The two teams defeated a series of heavyweight candidates such as Russia, the US, and Brazil to be in the final. They had to go through 5 sets to determine whether to win or lose.

It is also important to admit that Egonu played extremely well in this match, because she alone brought 33 points to Italy. The opposite side Tijana Boskovic had 26 points.

Italy was the team that won the first set but then lost the next set. The scenario repeated in sets 3 and 4 before the excellent Serbian team won 15-12 in the final set. In the end Serbia won Italy 21-25, 25-14, 23-25, 25-19, 15-12 for the first time in the world championship.