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The Japanese female team cried because they were eliminated from the World Cup

The Japanese women’s team could not hold back their tears. After being eliminated from the 2020 World Cup with a goal from the penalty spot at the last. The Japanese women’s team is the current World Cup runner-up and the stop in the quarter-finals is a failure. The winners stepped forward to offer their condolences to the Japanese female players.

Captain Saki Kumagai has 104 games for the Japanese national team and is playing at Lyon, one of the strongest women’s football clubs in Europe. But still could not contain emotions when the home team lost a grimly. It was Kumagai who let the ball touch in the penalty area leading to a penalty in the 88th minute.

The Japanese women’s team played very well in the second half. when controlling the Netherlands and also the team that created more delicious opportunities throughout the game.

Personally, the president of the Dutch Women’s Football Federation, Ms. Kirsten van de Ven, confirmed this after the match. Therefore, this result becomes even more grim for Asian girls.

In the quarterfinals, the Dutch woman took the lead in the 17th minute by Lieke Martens with a technical heel shot in the penalty area. Two minutes before the end of the first half, Yui Hasegawa equalized for Japan with a close-range shot after a precise offside trap.

In the second half, the ball hit the Dutch goal once after Yuika Sugasawa’s shot. Other opportunities also continued as the Asian girls demonstrated outstanding experience as well as tactical representation from Europe.

Attacking more without getting a goal, Japan pays the price. In the 88th minute, Dutch Tel received a penalty after captain Kumagai let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area. On the 11 meter mark, Lieke Martens made no mistake to score a 2-1 goal, sending the Japanese champions home early.