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Cat Scratcher Training Board

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Main Features:

✔️ Multifunctional: Scratching Pad, Lounge, and Bed

✔️ Made with 100% Recyclable, High-Quality Cardboard

✔️ Solid Wood Frame for Durability

✔️ Offers Three Scratching Angles: 0°, 40°, 70°

✔️ Easy Assembly with Screw Tightening Fix

A Playground for Claws and Paws

Introducing the Cat Scratcher Training Board, the ultimate solution for your cat's scratching and lounging needs. This 3-in-1 design provides your feline friend with a scratching pad, a comfy lounge, and a cozy bed, all in one.

It's more than just a scratcher; it's a haven for rest and play, keeping your cat entertained and your furniture safe.

Eco-Friendly Design, Feline-Friendly Fun

Crafted from eco-friendly, high-quality cardboard and a sturdy solid wood frame, this scratcher is built to last. It offers your cat a safe and satisfying scratching experience, with the added benefit of protecting your furniture from claw damage.

The various scratching angles not only cater to your cat’s instincts but also support their spine health.

Effortless Setup, Endless Enjoyment

Setting up this scratcher is a breeze, thanks to its simple screw tightening installation method. Customize the angles to suit your cat's preference, ensuring they have the perfect spot for every mood.

The Cat Scratcher Training Board is not just a product; it's a playground for your cat to sharpen their claws, lounge in comfort, and leap into fun.

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