Alex Morgan – Challenge yourself even during pregnancy

The defending World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist announced she was pregnant. And not only that, she is aiming to attend the Olympics just a few weeks after birth, many people consider it too extravagant.

At the age of 22, she joined the United States for the World Cup, being the youngest on the list. Nearly 10 years she has passed, now Morgan has become a seasoned veteran with more than 100 international goals.

She won the World Cup twice and won an Olympic gold medal once. Morgan’s face is recognized on nearly every sports media in America.

Alex Morgan did everything he could to prepare for before falling into labor in April. But more importantly, she vowed to work hard to regain her best condition and spirit and would attend the scheduled Tokyo Olympics.

One thing that the Covid-19 epidemic has changed little by little, it will immediately postpone Morgan’s plan in 2021. Glamor and Morgan first met in Los Angeles in February, it is not difficult to realize that the belly is 32 weeks pregnant.

However, everything at that time was still in a limbo state. Her husband is also a professional player in negotiations with the new club. But on 24th of last month, the International Olympic Committee announced that due to the effects of the corona virus, the tournament will be moved to 2021.

A few days earlier, the US Olympic Committee also asked the athletes to self-assess the possibility of not attending. Morgan maintains a training plan until the seventh month of her pregnancy. That’s including training sessions on the training ground, push-ups, Spin classes, and her jogging.

The public is very interested in Morgan’s practice. Many comments criticized her for being too greedy for the gold medal that there were many trade-offs.

France is ready to welcome the Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup finals will open for the first time in France. More than 500 female players from 24 teams representing 5 continents around the world will compete together on the field in 9 major cities.

That used to be hosts of the 1998 Men’s World Cup. 10 million spectators came to the field to watch 52 matches of the 8th Women’s World Championship.

Sports magazine invites you to take a moment back to the history of the big women’s festival. If the men’s World Cup was held for the first time in Uruguay in 1930, when there were only 13 participating teams.

Then it would have to wait until 1991, the final round of the new women’s world tournament born. It was the first World Cup held in China and the American girls were the winners.

American female player Michelle Ankers was the first to win the Golden Boot title, for the player to score the most goals in the World Cup. Her teammate, Carin Jennings, also won the Player of the Year award.

Since 1991, women’s football villages and fans around the world have gone through 7 World Cups. Like the men’s tournament, the Women’s World Cup takes place every four years.

The female ball has continuously developed so that the final round has been held with 24 participating teams. That is twice the number of the first World Cup.

Starting from the 2015 World Cup, women’s football has become popular and the level of female players has improved significantly. FIFA decided to expand the tournament scale from 16 teams to 24 teams participating in the final round.

Though not as fervently watched as men’s football. The material or image treatment between a female and a male player is also a huge gap. Not so that women’s football is slow to develop.

Women’s football today is an increasingly popular game among women on all continents. From football traditions to Muslim countries. Women’s football has also produced big names with increasing expertise.

Young golfer Paige Spiranac was suddenly invited to compete at the Dubai Ladies Masters

Sexy On and Off Line, Paige Spiranac, a 22-year-old young college student, turned his head and made a splash on planet golf websites. She is just as famous for her feminine swivel as well as the perfect plastic gymnast’s sculpted body.

In recent weeks, Paige Spiranac has become popular online and especially on social media, as a new phenomenon of women’s golf. The 22-year-old student said she is pursuing her dream of golf, joining the LPGA tournament as a professional player.

After a solid sporting experience, she once again won this season of the 2020 Mountain West Conference Championship alongside golf team.

For a former gymnast, who started playing golf at the age of 13, the road is long. The young golfer has been compared to Anna Kournikova, often favored for her sexy outfits rather than hand-hitting.

Paige Spiranac’s presence in this world’s top golfers tournament immediately became the subject of online controversy. Many people believe that thanks to the beautiful beauty, this American golfer was invited by the organizers to participate in the tournament.

“I have a very active life, I love sports and my clothes reflect that. For me golf is a sport and so I wear it effectively and comfortably, not as a provocation. Yes, I love to put on makeup, to be dashing, just like any woman.

But above all, I try to play golf well. People can think whatever they want, I’m chasing my dream and golf will always be my priority. I never understood why we had to be good at sports or to be beautiful”, Paige Spiranac said.

Just graduated with a major in communications at the University of San Diego. The beautiful Paige understands everything about communication and has nothing to envy the best experts on radio.

She does it by regularly posting captivating pictures and videos of her club. She has 26 fans on Facebook and more than 000 on Instagram.

The world’s first women’s golf tournament was held at Scoland

In fact, there are many countries or peoples that claim to have laid out Golf’s origins. In 1791, it was recorded that fishermen in Musselburgh played golf in this area and up to the 18th century. A women‘s golf competition was held annually between fishermen Musselburrgh and Fisherrow.

However, the earliest known reference records a competition for women golfer starting January 9, 1811. The world’s first women’s tournament was staged over ten eight holes on Musselburgh’s yard.

For the first time ever, a rule change allowed women to play in the British Open. Liz Johnson, becomes the first woman to qualify for the PBA Tour event. At the age of fourteen, Michelle Wie was the youngest athlete to win one of the world sports academy titles laureus.

Currently, it is normal for women golfers to appear in professional tournaments. However, in the beginning, the woman with the image of both strong and soft swing made the eyewitnesses really surprised. So when did women come to golf and since then have there been some important milestones.

The prizes won are ‘two fine blue silk scarves from Barcelona. All of which are sure to guarantee a rich income from hard-working women. All participants to compete for the Creel Cup.

At that time, many clubs and tournaments refused female golfers to register even without tickets for female golfers. The bonus funding for female golfers in professional playgrounds is also more disadvantaged than men’s tournaments. Audience, sponsor and media interest in women’s leagues has always been more modest than men’s.

Through many ups and downs and historical prejudices, women have asserted that they can do anything that men can do, golf is a testament. Women have the right to dream and assert their own abilities. If there is a chance, women should come to golf to find pride in the swing on the course!

The greatest female boxing fighters of all time

Throughout history, there have been a number of great boxing legends who have devoted inspirational performances on the ring. Women’s boxing is an amazing sport full of action and excitement. Boxing fans definitely cannot forget these great female boxers.

While boxing is often considered a men’s sport, not many realize that women have also played a prominent role in boxing history. Lucia Rijker was once known as the World’s Most Dangerous Boxing Woman, a worldwide media nickname for her.

She is a former kickboxing fighter from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After practicing martial arts at the age of six, Rijker began his professional boxing career in 1996.

Rijker has had a hugely successful boxing career with 17 wins in over a decade of excellence. Of her 17 wins, 14 are equal to KO. Rijker is a world champion in many weight classes, winning the WIBF World Super Light and the Semi-Mid-Range WIBO Junior title.

At 36 years old, Braekhus is still very strong. Most recently, she defeated Kali Reis at StubHub Center in Carson, California to successfully defend her title.

Undefeated in 33 matches, she is the first female boxer in history to hold all the titles in boxing. She is also one of four boxers in history who have made this difference, alongside Bernard Hopkins, Jermain Taylor and Terence Crawford. Laila Ali is the daughter of the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali.

After finishing her boxing career, Laila became a TV personality and celebrity, appearing in various shows. Such as Dancing With the Stars, American Gladiators, The New Celebrity Apprentice.

Regina Halmich is a former boxing and kickboxing fighter from Karlsruhe, West Germany. Many experts believe that Halmich is one of the most successful female boxers ever to wear competitive gloves. Ann Wolfe is considered to be the best female boxer of all time.

That’s as well as the one with the strongest knockout punches in women’s boxing history. Playing from mid 1998 to 2006, Wolfe had a record of 24 wins and 1 loss, including 16 wins by KO.

She won the IBA Heavyweight Championship title in 2004. And she holds a total of three world titles in three other weight classes at the same time.

Serbian women’s volleyball was crowned world champion

The Serbian women’s team defeated their Italian opponent 3-2 in the final of the World Volleyball Championship held in Yokohama (Japan). It is the first time in history they won the championship.

Serbian athlete Tijana Boskovic also received the MVP title for “best player in the tournament” when she scored 26 points in the final. Boskovic was deeply moved when telling the press that it was a “very long journey” and that they have successfully made history.

” We played as a team of solidarity and mutual support. each other in the most difficult moments”, Ms. Boskovic said. The Boskovic woman of Serbia received the title of the most comprehensive athlete in the tournament. In total, the 21-year-old girl got 193 points, of which 176 points came from smashes, 11 successful blocks and 6 shots.

This victory marked the rise of Serbian volleyball and dispelled the sadness of their defeat in the final of the Rio Olympic Games. The Chinese team continued to disappoint when only won the bronze medal. Previously have won 3 championships and twice run the tournament.

The women’s volleyball tournament in the world championship has officially ended in Japan with a tense match between Serbia and Italy. The two teams defeated a series of heavyweight candidates such as Russia, the US, and Brazil to be in the final. They had to go through 5 sets to determine whether to win or lose.

It is also important to admit that Egonu played extremely well in this match, because she alone brought 33 points to Italy. The opposite side Tijana Boskovic had 26 points.

Italy was the team that won the first set but then lost the next set. The scenario repeated in sets 3 and 4 before the excellent Serbian team won 15-12 in the final set. In the end Serbia won Italy 21-25, 25-14, 23-25, 25-19, 15-12 for the first time in the world championship.

The Japanese female team cried because they were eliminated from the World Cup

The Japanese women’s team could not hold back their tears. After being eliminated from the 2020 World Cup with a goal from the penalty spot at the last. The Japanese women’s team is the current World Cup runner-up and the stop in the quarter-finals is a failure. The winners stepped forward to offer their condolences to the Japanese female players.

Captain Saki Kumagai has 104 games for the Japanese national team and is playing at Lyon, one of the strongest women’s football clubs in Europe. But still could not contain emotions when the home team lost a grimly. It was Kumagai who let the ball touch in the penalty area leading to a penalty in the 88th minute.

The Japanese women’s team played very well in the second half. when controlling the Netherlands and also the team that created more delicious opportunities throughout the game.

Personally, the president of the Dutch Women’s Football Federation, Ms. Kirsten van de Ven, confirmed this after the match. Therefore, this result becomes even more grim for Asian girls.

In the quarterfinals, the Dutch woman took the lead in the 17th minute by Lieke Martens with a technical heel shot in the penalty area. Two minutes before the end of the first half, Yui Hasegawa equalized for Japan with a close-range shot after a precise offside trap.

In the second half, the ball hit the Dutch goal once after Yuika Sugasawa’s shot. Other opportunities also continued as the Asian girls demonstrated outstanding experience as well as tactical representation from Europe.

Attacking more without getting a goal, Japan pays the price. In the 88th minute, Dutch Tel received a penalty after captain Kumagai let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area. On the 11 meter mark, Lieke Martens made no mistake to score a 2-1 goal, sending the Japanese champions home early.