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Cat Mounted Perch Hammock

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Main Features:

✔️ 360° Sunbathing Luxury for Cats

✔️ Strong Industrial-Strength Suction Cups

✔️ Quick and Easy Installation

✔️ Breathable Oxford Cloth Material

✔️ Advanced Screw Sucker for Stability

Bask in the Sun, Float in the Air

Introducing the Cat Mounted Perch Hammock, a heavenly retreat for your feline friend. Designed for ultimate relaxation, it offers a 360° sunbathing experience.

This space-saving hammock doesn't just conserve room; it elevates your cat to a world of warmth and comfort, all while they enjoy their favorite sunlit spots.

Safe, Sturdy, and Secure

Safety is paramount with our Cat Mounted Perch Hammock. Equipped with industrial-strength suction cups, it can hold up to 20 kg, ensuring a safe haven for your cat.

Whether leaping in or lounging out, this hammock is a symbol of both health and agility, providing a secure spot for their daily exercises.

Comfort Meets Durability in Design

Crafted from durable oxford cloth, the hammock ensures a comfortable, breathable spot for your cat, preventing overheating and offering a cozy bed in every season.

Installation is a breeze, and our improved screw sucker significantly reduces the chance of detachment, keeping your cat’s lofty lounging spot firmly in place.

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