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Remote Smart Cat Toy

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Main Features:

✔️ Advanced Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Technology

✔️ Remote Control for Directional Steering

✔️ Automatic Upright Feature for Continuous Play

✔️ Long Battery Life for Extended Fun

✔️ Includes Feather and Tail Accessories

Unleash Endless Fun with Smart Play

Introducing the Gravity Electric Remote Control Car, the ultimate interactive toy for your pets. Equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance, this toy weaves and winds, providing endless excitement. It's not just a toy; it's a thrilling chase, keeping your pets active and engaged as they follow every twist and turn.

Steer the Adventure, Bond with Your Pet

With its handy remote control, you can direct the fun and watch your pets light up with joy. This smart car captures their attention, encouraging playful pounces and leaps. It's the perfect way to interact and bond with your pets, turning playtime into an exciting and enjoyable experience for both of you.

Smart Design for Non-Stop Play

Our Remote Smart Cat Toy is designed with your pet's entertainment in mind. Should it tumble, the automatic upright feature quickly sets it right, ensuring the fun never stops. Impressively long battery life means your pets can enjoy sustained playtime, while the feather and tail accessories add an extra layer of amusement.

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